Latest version: 21.26.0
Prompt theme engine for any shell
Latest version: 3.5.0
Quark Cloud Drive is a cloud service product launched by Quark, featuring cloud storage, HD streaming, online file decompression, PDF one-click conversion, etc.
Latest version: 2.17.13
Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
Latest version: 7.14.0
calibre is the one stop solution to all your e-book needs.
Latest version:
Privacy protection, faster and more secure
Latest version: 2024.2.15.0
Remote Connection Launching Tool for Devolutions Server & Devolutions Hub Business!
Latest version:
Build a secure PC application ecosystem and provide a convenient application platform
Latest version: 242.20224.39
The complete IDE crafted for Gophers
Latest version: 242.20224.35
Empowering Ruby Developers
Latest version: 2.36.2
A tabbed SSH solution for Windows, combining PuTTY, WinSCP and VcXsrv
Latest version: 1.6.2
Free secure cloud storage
Latest version: 2.20.1
Advanced API Debugging Proxy
Latest version: 24.2.371.11103
Communicate your way with team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone—all in one place.
Latest version: 0.27.0
A private certificate authority (X.509 & SSH) & ACME server for secure automated certificate management.
Latest version: 0.27.1
A Swiss army knife for working with X.509 certificates, JWTs, etc.
Latest version: 6.77.12
GAMADV-XTD3 is a free, open source command line tool for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Administrators to manage domain and user settings quickly and easily.
Latest version: 3.0.212
The Alibaba Cloud CLI is a tool to manage and use Alibaba Cloud resources through a command line interface. It is written in Go and built on the top of Alibaba Cloud OpenAPI.
Latest version: 0.2.24
An extremely fast Python package installer and resolver, written in Rust.
Latest version: 2.18.1
Like neofetch, but much faster because written mostly in C.
Latest version: 3.1.7
An open-source simple academic paper management tool for computer science.
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