What is Winget

The WinGet command line tool is the Windows Package Manager launched by Microsoft.It enables you to discover, install, upgrade, remove and configure applications on Windows 10 computers. This tool is the command line tool client interface to the Windows Package Manager service.

Simply put, WinGet is basically a way to automate the installation and updating of Windows applications that you obtain from outside the Microsoft Store.

But WinGet is a command line tool, it is not very user-friendly for most people. This is why WinGet GUI is needed.

You can visit here for more information about winget.

What is Winget GUI

winget GUI is a graphical user interfaces for winget. With winget gui, you can easily find and install applications without using complicated commands.

Winget GUI provides web version (wingetgui.com) and windows client version. The web version has been released, you can use it now! The windows client version (open source) is under development.

How to Use

Installing the winget command line tool

You can install the App Installer package from the Microsoft Store, and winget is included in the App Installer.

The same Microsoft Store package will be made available via Winget-cli Releases. Note that installing this package will give you the WinGet client, but it will not enable automatic updates from the Microsoft Store.

Using Winget GUI to Install Software

  • Find the software you want to install from wingetgui.com.

  • Copy commands in wingetgui.com to winget command line window.

  • The software is installed automatically!

Download the software directly from wingetgui.com

If you don't want to install winget, you can download the software directly from wingetgui.com. After downloading, you need to manually double-click the downloaded file to install the software.

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