ByteDance.DouyinIM 1.1.15

Accompany each other anytime, anywhere

If you love Douyin, you can download DouyinIM desktop client to stay connected with your friends on your computer while working and studying. Here you can: - Send and receive messages anytime, anywhere, and communicate the moments with your friends; receive all messages synchronously, whether on your phone or your computer - View what your friends shared and share moments with others; you can watch short videos sent by your friends on your computer and reply to them quickly - Know your friends' online status and never be alone; you can see if your friends are online on your computer, which requires both have enabled online status indication. - Manage your messages and keep them in sync across multiple devices; You can see the messages sent by your phone on your computer, and the messages sent by your computer on your phone. - Add new friends and meet more people; you can also add new friends and quickly start new chats on your computer

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