JohannesMillan.superProductivity 8.0.1

Personal Task Management App to help you with your daily struggle with JIRA etc.

Features - Keep organized and focused! Plan and categorize your tasks using sub-tasks, projects and tags and color code them as needed. - Use timeboxing and track your time. Create time sheets and work summaries in a breeze to easily export them to your company's time tracking system. - Helps you to establish healthy & productive habits: A break reminder reminds you when it's time to step away. The anti-procrastination feature helps you gain perspective when you really need to. Need some extra focus? A Pomodoro timer is also always at hand. Collect personal metrics to see, which of your work routines need adjustments. - Integrate with Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and OpenProject. Auto import tasks assigned to you, plan the details locally, automatically create work logs, and get notified immediately, when something changes. - Attach context information to tasks and projects. Create notes, attach files or create project-level bookmarks for links, files, and even commands. - Super Productivity respects your privacy and does NOT collect any data and there are no user accounts or registration. You decide where you store your data! - It's free and open source and always will be.

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