Kafka Visual Management & Monitoring

Kafka Visual Management and Monitoring - Manage Broker, Topic, Group, monitor server status, and support multiple message formats. - Status Monitoring: Allows you to monitor Kafka service status in real-time with the help of dashboards and Jolokia brokers. - Generate topology map: Generate topology map with one click for applications that use Streams API to realize streaming processing, and support exporting various formats such as png, svg, pdf, tk, and dot. - Data formatting: Kafka Assistant will automatically recognize and format different data formats, including Text, JSON, AVRO, XML, HEX, MessagePack, and various integer and floating point types. - Edit configuration: With Kafka Assistant, you can quickly view and update Broker and Topic configurations. The detailed description of each configuration item is built-in, and it is kept in sync with the Kafka official website. - Create a message: When creating a message, you can specify the compression type and ACKs; send messages in batches or use scheduled tasks to send messages regularly. - Add and remove themes and other management features

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