MQTT visual management and monitoring tool

MQTT Visual management and monitoring - structured topics and dynamic previews, support various message types, draw message. - Structured topics and dynamic preview: MQTT Assistant organizes topics into a tree-like structure to make topics clear. Dynamic previews let you know as soon as your message arrives. - Drawing graphs: MQTT Assistant keeps historical messages for each topic, and then automatically parses message fields and draws graphs (polyline, quadratic fit, ladder) to make data changes over time clear at a glance. - Data formatting: MQTT Assistant will automatically recognize and format different data formats, including Text, JSON, XML, HEX, MessagePack, and various integer and floating point types. - Data Templates: Using the data templates provided by MQTT Assistant, you can generate massive, heterogeneous, real data for any development, testing or demonstration purpose. - Stress test: When creating messages, with data templates and timers, you can send thousands of messages at a time for performance testing to see how the system handles the load. - Multi-tab management, open multiple connections at the same time. - Supports MQTT v5.0 and MQTT v3.1.1 protocols, supports connecting to MQTT servers via WebSocket.

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