RabbitMQ visual management and monitoring tool

Gain insight into your queues, subscribe and consume messages, display complete message flow graphs and stress tests. - GPU rendering: RabbitMQ Assistant takes full advantage of your GPU when rendering the interface. This results in a smooth user experience while using less power than before. - Generate topology map: Generate topology map for the specified vhost with one click, and support exporting various formats such as png, svg, pdf, tk, etc., so that your message flow is clear at a glance. - Test producers and consumers: You can test parts of your solution, simulating 3rd party messages going in and out. You can create and edit test messages and send them one by one or in batches. - Data formatting: RabbitMQ Assistant will automatically recognize and format different message formats, including Text, JSON, XML, HEX, MessagePack, and various integer and floating point types. - View system status: You can view system status at a glance, check if some queues are getting too large, if there are messages in dead letter queues, etc. With the auto-refresh feature, you can see how your entire system is working in near real-time. - Create a message: When creating a message, you can specify headers, properties, and payload; or send thousands of messages at a time for performance testing to see how the system handles the payload.

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