An all-in-one toolbox for developers

All-in-one toolbox for developers, over 40 commonly used development tools; Well-designed, fast and efficient; Use offline, respecting your privacy. - Backslash Escape/Unescape: Escapes or unescapes JSON strings or characters such as t, n, s, etc - Base64 Image Encode/Decode: Use Base64 to determine or encode images - Base64 String Encode/Decode: Use Base64 to decode or encode strings - Base64 URL Encode/Decode: Use Base64 to decode or encode URLs - Color Converter: Select and convert colors (HEX, RGB, HSV, CYMK, etc.) - Cron Job Parser: Parsing scheduled task (crontab) expressions - CSV to JSON: Converts CSV strings to JSON - Hash Generator: Generates MD5/SHA1/SHA2 hashes from strings or files - HTML Entity Encode/Decode: Decodes or encodes HTML entities in strings - JSON Formatter/Validate: Format or compress JSON strings - JSON to CSV: Converts JSON strings to CSV - JSON to YAML: Converts JSON strings to YAML - YAML to JSON: Converts a YAML string to JSON - JWT Debugger: Verifies or signs JWT tokens - Language Beautify: Format source code in various languages - Number Base Converter: Converts between binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and other digital bases - QR Code Reader/Generator: Read QR codes or generate QR codes - Random Data Generator: Generate random paragraphs, words, emails, names, etc - RegExp Tester: Tests strings against regular expressions and finds matches - String Case Converter: Converts camelCase, PascalCase, snake_case, kebab-case style variables - String Inspector: Detects ASCII/Unicode codes, string length, characters, words, and lines - Text Diff Checker: Compares two text strings by character, word, or line - Unix Time Converter: Converts UNIX datetime to a human-readable format - URL Encode/Decode: Decode or encode URLs (RFC3986) - URL Parser: Query String to JSON, parsing URL protocol, host, port, etc - UUID/GUID Generate/Decode: Generate UUID, ULID, Nano ID - Offline OCR: Convert images to text - Icon Font Previewer: Preview vector icons - YAML To Properties: Converts a YAML string to Properties - JSON To Properties: Converts JSON strings to Properties

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