iFlytek.iFlyRecSI 5.0.1

An AI simultaneous interpretation software integrated with multilingual real-time transcription and translation, subtitle display, human assistance and live meeting.

Based on iFlytek's cutting-edge intelligent speech and language technology, iFlyRec Simultaneous Interpretation provides multilingual simultaneous interpretation and various customized services for all scenarios. It offers personal floating subtitles and enterprise simultaneous interpretation services for scenarios such as conferences, exhibitions, office entertainment and live streaming to construct a multi-level ecosystem for iFlyRec Simultaneous Interpretation. It provides real-time transcription and translation between multiple languages, as well as various simultaneous interpretation services such as on-screen display, customized conferences, multilingual human simultaneous interpretation, multilingual speech synthesis, conference shorthand, conference live streaming and conference recording sharing through simultaneous interpretation products. iFlyRec Simultaneous Interpretation features efficiency, professionalism, and intelligence and has successfully provided services for thousands of different kinds of conferences, press conferences, and professional academic conferences all over the world.

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